Product Features

Isearch Backup for Business offers critical features that no business should live without. From centralized management, central reporting, remote management to flexible backup scheduling. Browse the many features offered below.

Centralized System Management

Our Online Backup simplifies the integration of our business backup solution into your current systems and daily monitoring. Manage all your backups from a single online dashboard.

Remote Management

Our Online Backup understands that you can't be everywhere all the time. That's why our Online Backup for Business offers remote management allowing you a single location to backup your entire business. Our Remote Manage features the following:

Backup and Account Reporting

Need any-where, any-time access? our Online Backup for Business allows access to backup and account reporting 24/7. Gain more control of backup monitoring on accounts and sub-accounts via schedule email reports.

Backup for Your Servers

Our Online Backup understands that organisations also need the ability to backup up critial data stored on their servers. With BackIT Online Backup for Business, you can backup unlimited servers. Run the application remotely, locally and even from a file server. Our software also includes SQL database features to backup your business critical databases offsite.

Unlimited Multi-device Backup

Our Online Backup doesn't limit you to just computers. You have the ability to backup 5 different devices including PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones and Androids. As an added benefit you can even backup your FaceBook Page!

Unlimited Data Archiving

Our Online Backup keeps an unlimited version history of all your files for the life of your account. BackIT Online Backup will only count the initial or largest version of a file towards your quota.

Schedule Backups on Your Time

Schedule backups hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Flexible scheduling allows you to be in control of your resources. The backup software only runs when need!

Military-Grade Security

Our Online Backup makes sure your data is secure and encrypted. The backup process includes Military-grade encryption from end to end:


Our Online Backup for Business is compliant with many government regulations and is suitable for a variety of industries.

Native iPhone & Android Applications

Our Online Backup will backup your smartphone data on iPhone, Android, iPad and Android Tablet at no additional charge! Start backing up your smartphone data now and enjoy the benefit of knowing even your mobile devices are protected!